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2 Free Refill kitsThe promotion we have offered is you take a before and after picture of your teeth, if it is good enough for the web site , then you send your pics here and we will send you 2 free refill kits to sustain the results you already have. We know you'll love NatureWhite, but you don't have to take our word for it.

These are pictures of me and my sister:) We just wanted you to know that we love our WHITE TEETH!!! Thank you so much Naturewhite!!!!!! Don't we look great?????? :) LOL.

Thank you for your very prompt delivery of my 22 peroxide kit. I have used it twice and am very happy with the result. Do you have ony your advertised packages for purchase? I note other companies sell their product in bulk... Regards, R

After the second time I noticed that there was a big difference in the color of my teeth. I used it just on my front four teeth like the directions said for the free sample. My questions is, can I change the other teeth to look like my first four? Because they are about 4 shades whiter and I want my whole mouth to be white. THanks so much. Aniey.

Hi, I ordered the free syringe from you. I have used it 3 times (over 3 days) and am very pleased with the results. I am buying the full 22% expedient kit from you this weekend. I have some questions though. I read that most people will see max reslults after 1 month, is that using it everyday? Is 1 month on the high side, because after my 3 treatments I have seen pretty good results.

My name is Stephanie. As you can see there is a noteable difference in my teeth. I just want to get the word out. I feel more confident and people compliment me all the time. They say they look whiter than the whites of my eyes. Thank You!

I am a professional model/actress...I count on my teeth being white to get work. It worked for me after just 2 days.Thank you NatureWhite! (I am the girl on the main page:)

Dear Amy, can you wear the gel over night? Also, my friend wants to buy the 22 percent in the refill kit but doesn't want the 16, can she? The teeth gel works really good. It was working after the first application. I am now on my 5th day of using it and I love it, .. SO good job on that stuff!!! Me.

Every night I am excited to look in the mirror and see my teeth getting whiter and whiter. Jim CN.

Working as salesman is tough work, but it is fun to know that when I talk people will hear me a little bit better. I am grateful. Thanks for a great product. - Ernie M. from T.

I am almost where I want the color to be. I think that if it is too white it will look strange, so I am going to stop at a natural looking white, you know? Anyway let me know what the price is for 8 sryinges and no boil and bites. Satisfied in Cali.

I didn't know this stuff was going to work so Fast, even after the first time !. I am really surprised - and happy!- Feel free to post this. I will get some pics to you too. Lillian

Hi there. I love my new look! I feel better about myself and I think maybe I can find a boyfriend now. Hehehe!.Jen:)

I tried crest white strips(boy what a waist that was), and after about 9 times of using them I noticed a SLIGHT change, Your free sample worked for me right away (after the first time of using it)... Now I have to buy a kit, maybe the 22 percent-Shea

I am in 11th grade and I really like a seinor foot ball player there.. After using your whiteing gel, I felt like I could smile at him, and I did. He smiled back :)My self esteem is higher, maybe I can get up enough nerve to talk to him too. Hey thanks! Now I need to do something with my hair. Angie and Bo-

Dear Amy, My wife bought me your teeth whitener, at first I was embarrassed that she thought I had yellow teeth. Now after taking your product I am glad she brought it up.

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