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Your Smile
How important is your smile? It says a lot about you and how you feel about yourself. Wouldn't it be great to have a dazzling white smile? Imagine never having to be embarassed about your teeth again. Think of the new confidence you could have in yourself! Grin with abandon, giggle to your heart's delight and never once worry about the color of your teeth.

Maybe this is the first step on your way to a new you. Maybe you've already been working on your image. Either way NatureWhite's fast acting teeth whitening gel can help you gain a more positive self-image as it brightens your smile and whitens your teeth.zoom teeth whitening

Some people are born with bright white smiles and others aren't. As we age and consume foods or drinks that may stain, our teeth can loose that brightness. There are tiny crevices on the surface of your teeth that can get stained by coffee, tea, tobacco, cola and certain foods. Over time even the whitest teeth can yellow. Now you have the chance to have a bright white smile again - or perhaps have one for the first time.

With NatureWhite teeth whitening gel you can brighten your smile with the bleaching power of carbamide peroxide - the same ingredient found in teeth whitening treatments used at the dentist. Carbamide peroxide mixes with oxygen and hydrogen peroxide to form a bleach that gently lifts away unsightly stains from your teeth. Your teeth will appear whiter and brighter with just minutes of use a day.

Using NatureWhite's Teeth Whitening
NatureWhite teeth whitening gel comes in 2 different formulas - 16% and 22% carbamide peroxide solutions. How do you know which formula is right for you? If you are looking for fast results and shorter treatment sessions, the stronger 22% formula is right for you. Each treatment session for the 22% formula lasts just 45 minutes. If your teeth and gums are sensitive to cold, the gentler 16% solution is the proper choice for you. Treatment sessions for the 16% solution are 60 minutes long. Make the choice that best suits your personal needs for greatest success.

It's easy! Just fit your mouthpiece and fill with NatureWhite teeth whitening gel. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and set a timer for the appropriate amount of time. Relax for a while as your teeth whiten. When the time's up remove the mouthpiece and rinse. Look at the difference! Zoom teeth whitening

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At NatureWhite our products are manufactured in a sanitary laboratory that meets all required FDA regulations. All NatureWhite's teeth whitening gel formulas are FDA approved. Not all formulas sold on the internet are! We include in our formulas only safe, effective ingredients without unneccessary additives. Remember to make smart choices about teeth whitening gels. These products go in your mouth!

We are so positive you'll love NatureWhite that we are offering a free sample. We just want a chance to prove that it can make you feel happier about your smile.

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