Q. What is the active ingredient in NatureWhite's products?

Carbamide peroxide is what makes NatureWhite's products work. It's the same bleaching agent found in other tooth whitening treaments available at the dentist's office. Our formulas are available in 16% and 22% carbamide peroxide solutions. Most off the shelf products have only 10% or 5% solutions.

Q. What's the difference between NatureWhite's products and those available at the dentist?
They are the same; The same active ingredient, carbamide peroxide, is present in both.

Q. I am worried about my enamel. Will NatureWhite's bleaching treatment hurt the surface of my teeth?
The Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA) has published clinical studies that show that carbamide peroxide is safe to use and will not damage enamel. Drinking one glass of cola will affect your enamel more than using a whitening agent 20 times.

Q. Are NatureWhite's products FDA approved?
Yes, they are. The Food and Drug Administration of the United States has approved NatureWhite's formulas. Not many other internet companies' tooth whitening products are FDA approved.

Q. Who can use NatureWhite's products?
We recommend that only persons 18 years of age or older use our products. If you have medical conerns or if you are taking prescription drugs, please consult your physician before using NatureWhite.

Q. Should pregnant women or nursing mothers use NatureWhite?
Although there are no known complications resulting from the use of teeth whitening gels, we do recommend talking to your physician before using NatureWhite. Before using any oral chemical, either prescription or over the counter, pregnant and nursing women should talk with their doctors.

Q. How long will it take to see a difference?
Many people see a change within the first 45 minutes of use, but individual results will vary. Most people consider their teeth fully whitened after using NatureWhite for about a month, although it can take longer.

Q. How long do I wear my mouthpiece when I want to bleach my teeth?
It depends on the formula you are using and when you use it. For day use we recommend using the 16% gel for 60 minutes or using the 22% gel for 45 minutes. You can use either formula over night, but make sure you use a limited amount of gel. It will leak out if you use too much!

Q. How long will my teeth remain white after I stop using your products?
In many cases teeth can remain white for up to 5 years. It depends on amount of staining food and drink a person consumes (such as coffee, tea or cola). To keep your teeth as white as when you finished your treatment, you can use NatureWhite just once a month.

Q. I have caps (crowns) on my teeth and plastic fillings (composites). Will they turn white as my teeth whiten?
No. Unfortunately since they are made of synthetic materials they will not be affected by the whitening agent and will remain the color they are. Many customers choose to return to the dentist to have their caps, crowns and fillings replaced after their teeth have been whitened so they match the new color of their teeth.

Q. Will NatureWhite's products cause gum sensitivity?
A small number of users will experience teeth and gum sensitivity as a result of using carbamide peroxide regardless of the source - from the dentist, off the shelf or from online sources. Teeth and gums should adjust to the gel after a few uses and will cease to be as sensitive. Some companies add potassium nitrate in their products to dull sensitivity. However, we feel that if something is going on in your mouth, you should know about it instead of covering it up. We had the option to put this chemical in our prodcuts, but we opted not to.

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